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Doll Lexx RPM 2009 Demos (2009)

7 demo songs prepared for the RPM 2009 challenge

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Doll Lexx


"Doll Lexx", a make-music-at-home-in-the-bedroom-studio-because-music-is-fun project, funded by a daytime computer engineering job. The band's name is derived from "Daleks", and represents a blend of the leading lady's 2 favorite science fiction shows, Doctor Who and Lexx. Doll Lexx was formed in late June of 2008. Inspired by a friend and fellow-RPMer (Brian Fitz of "The Rutabaga Band") to finally live her dream of writing her own music, Deb broke her music writer's block and since then it's been all downhill. Doll Lexx's style is to take life's challenges and put a humorous twist to them, with a firm belief that we'll make it through this life just fine if we can learn to laugh at ourselves and at all the crap we're thrown. Each new song is its own experiment and learning experience. On the side, Debbie can also be seen playing bass once a year with her band from work (Byte This) at their IT picnic.

Deb Sutter. A Taylor 12-string acoustic guitar; a Martin 6-string guitar; a Squire electric guitar; an Ibanez electric guitar; a Traben 5-string bass; an Ibanez 4-string bass; a Michael Kelly acoustic/electric fretless bass; Cubase; and TC Helicon vocal pedals. Band mascots: A remote control Dalek, and a red Monkey.




Completed Albums

Doll Lexx RPM 2009 Demos(2009)

7 demo songs prepared for the RPM 2009 challenge

All About You
The Best Lover
Ode to Middle Age
Something Wrong with Me
If the Skin Fits
The Idiot Disease
When I Lost Myself   (preferred)